I just dont see a thing Ramczyk currently does better than Robinson

Game Tuomo Ruutu Jersey Shit, you would be bored too if you were that much better than the guys you were going against most Saturdays.

It was usually too easy for him in the games that I watched, but I dont think he will have any problem finding challenges on Sundays.

And let me be clear on something: when I say a couple of loafs, I mean exactly that. I only had Robinson with two in four games. And in only one of those instances did his guy make the play. In fact, not many guys that Robinson blocked made many plays, just fyi. Im the #GetOffMyLawn guy when it comes to hustling, and I didnt see much about Robinsons effort to get mad at.

If you can get Robinson to play just a tad bit harder all the time, you probably will have a a perennial All-Pro left tackle. But hell, even with some of the effort issues here and there, Robinsons tape simply blows Ramczyks tape out the damn water!

Game Charles Johnson Jersey I just dont see a thing Ramczyk currently does better than Robinson, aside from not getting arrested. I dont see Ramczyk having nearly as high a ceiling. I cant find a rationale for picking Ramczyk over Robinson, but its not my pick.

Letting Josh Norman walk as a free agent last year was a bold stand against overpaying the cornerback position, but replacing him wasnt easy. With Lattimore, the Panthers get the top cornerback in the class as long as he can stay healthy. In the second round, Carolina adds a pair of weapons for Cam Newton to work with, even if they arent wide receivers. Kamara can split carries with Jonathan Stewart, and Engram can allow the Panthers to run two tight end sets with more effectiveness than what Ed Dickson provides.

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