Redick shouldn’t have any problems fitting in defensively either.

Why it makes sense: The Charlotte metropolitan area’s growth in recent years has been strong, and with no teams on the Eastern seaboard between Washington and Atlanta, there is room to fit a Carolina franchise into the major leagues. Charlotte is the third-largest media market in America without a major league team, behind Orlando and Sacramento, cities that are relatively close to major league franchises in the Tampa and San Francisco Bay areas, respectively.

Why it might not happen: Charlotte recently built a minor league ballpark downtown, and expanding that stadium isn’t an option. Charlotte’s future as a major league city might be in the more distant future.

Limited Mens Nick Holden Jersey Redick shouldn’t have any problems fitting in defensively either. While he lacks the physical tools and speed to be considered an elite wing defender, he’s developed into a good team defender with his attention to detail and willingness to compete.

Plus, Embiid’s ability to protect the rim as well as any big man in the league should cover up any of Redick’s weaknesses on that end of the court. The 76ers allowed only 99.1 points per 100 possession when Embiid was on the court last season — what would’ve been the best defensive rating in the NBA last season — compared to 108.1 points per 100 possessions when he was on the bench. As long as Embiid can stay healthy, Redick should be able to execute Brett Brown’s scheme well enough for them to be at least an above-average defensive team.
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The combination of Redick’s shooting and his defense would make a lot of teams around the NBA better. Where doubt likely began to creep in for teams interested in signing him this offseason was over how much money to commit to someone who will be in their late 30s at the end of a four-year contract.

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