DeRozan was somewhat of a raw talent when he entered the NBA in 2009

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And the fans and press weren’t the only ones obsessively tracking what was going on either. Most of the pros were too. Even the best in the world at that WGC in Akron wanted to know what was happening over on the West Coast. Jordan Spieth tracked it and praised Steph’s success.

Limited Youth Mike Bibby Jersey Jason Day said, I think it’s pretty special for a two-time MVP to be able to shoot 74 at a pro event and beat other pros. I mean, we play our whole lives and the guy plays basketball and he beats some of the pros. It’s very impressive to see.

At a time when the three-point shot wasn’t nearly as valued as it is now, J.J. Redick was a specialist. He still is, but his savvy approach to the game has endeared him across the league as one the best veterans to have on a roster: case-in-point — the Sixers gave him $23 million next season to hit threes and mentor their young guys.

DeRozan was somewhat of a raw talent when he entered the NBA in 2009. He was a freak athlete who used that athleticism to his advantage on both ends of the floor. Now, the Raptors’ guard is the best mid-range shooter in the NBA, one of the league’s best finishers and an All-Star starter.

The one glowing exception is Andre Drummond, who is simultaneously the Pistons’ best asset and most maddening player. Van Gundy honestly doesn’t seem to like Drummond much. We keep waiting for his name to pop into trade rumors for real. Drummond is still the type of player GMs are willing to get fired for: a big prospect who could change the nature of the league if he ever puts it all together. Van Gundy must see that, even as Drummond is a bit of a nightmare for coaches due to his inconsistency and the gaping holes in his game.

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