Sat: The number of times the player missed a game.

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Players are not charged Stiff points for sitting out, nor does it impact their overall consistency rating (CR), but it hurts their overall start percentage (Start%).

Players must have at least a 20 percent start percentage (Start%) in either standard PPR or non-PPR scoring, or must rank among the top 20 quarterbacks, tight ends or kickers, top 50 running backs or wide receivers, or top 40 defensive linemen, linebackers or defensive backs, in terms of total fantasy points at their position from 2015-17, for inclusion in the chart. All defense/special teams are included, regardless of whether they met those minimums.

You want to score your first goal but you know it’s not going to be easy, the Michigan native said. I tried to keep it out of my mind. It was bound to come sooner or later.

I could feel myself getting teary-eyed, the normally stoic Gallant said Tuesday morning. And [the game] will be a lot tougher than that.

I went to a one of them and saw how quickly they did it and was really impressed with the quality, Durant told ESPN of Pieology, which has more than 140 franchises to date. I just felt like, given how fast our lives our these days, we don’t want to wait for our pizza anymore.

Authentic Greg Olsen Jersey Durant follows LeBron James into the space. James has an ownership and franchise stake in Blaze, another pizza brand that has adopted the assembly-line style made famous by Chipotle. Sources said James put less than $1 million into the franchise in 2012. It became the fastest-growing chain in history, and James’ piece is now at least $35 million, sources told ESPN.

This isn’t about me versus LeBron, Durant said. I think we do have different interests and we handle things differently, but the respect for each other is there. I do think we, as athletes, have realized the value of our stock these days, of the control that we have over what makes us valuable, including our social media accounts.

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