Thomas expressed his frustration on Do Not Disturb last summer for his mixtape For Sale聽and then didn’t release any music for the rest of the season.

He channeled the anger on the field, developing into a leader on a team that went 10-3 and played in the Orange Bowl. He finished the season with 5.5 sacks and tied for a team-high 12.5 tackles for loss.
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Mens Matthew Tkachuk Jersey They robbing us, Thomas says of the NCAA. You walk by stores and they got your number in there鈥攕ome of them even got your name on the back of it鈥攁nd you can’t get no money from them. They feel like they giving us a free education like that’s all we need. People still got families at home, and they’re struggling. We gotta use those college checks to help our [moms] out and stuff.
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At the same age, Thomas played the drums at two church services on the weekends. On Sundays, when his grandmother cooked family meals after service, Thomas would grab a couple of old pots and make his own drum set on the floor, switching out the pots to get the sounds he wanted to replicate the songs he played at church.

After his grandmother died from cancer when he was five, Thomas continued to learn the piano on his own. He later would add the trombone, bass and acoustic guitar to his repertoire. At age 11, he was accepted in the Norland Middle School band, where they played songs by South Florida rappers like Grind Mode and Piccolo. It was the one class where Thomas and his friends gave their undivided attention because, We was gonna play something gangsta.

They’ll never understand somebody doing something and being great at two things that require a lot of mental ability, a lot of strenuous hours, Thomas says. They’ll never understand that because it ain’t easy to them. But it’s easy to me.

Nichols was a playmaker at USF, but the tape shows some of those moments weren’t generated by his athleticism or his instincts. His transition to the NFL will be dependent upon his versatility and how well he can acclimate to a new scheme. He’s likely a depth safety or slot cornerback in the pros.

Campbell has excellent length that he uses well to minimize on-field concerns with his playing style. He has a frame that can hold another 10 pounds with ease, and he’ll have to add the weight because he isn’t a fluid enough athlete Kemba Walker Youth jersey to routinely play off-man coverage. Campbell’s ideal fit is a press scheme that allows him to handle short routes before passing off to safety help. A depth role looks likely for Year 1.

Ford is a good prospect with late-round talent, but in a deep cornerback class he’s probably an undrafted free agent. Teams will love his ability on special teams, but he must learn technique to compensate for his lack of speed and size.

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