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Kirk Cousins saved his best dad joke for when he got franchise tagged

There appears to be potential up front. The top three returning ends (Blain Padgett, Graysen Schantz, Brian Womac) combined for 19.5 tackles for loss and six sacks last year, and the top four returning tackles (Preston Gordon, Roe Wilkins, Carl Thompson, Zach Abercrumbia) combined for 12.5 and six, respectively. There isn’t enough size here — none of those ends are over 250 pounds, and only two of those tackles are over 280 — but the activity level could compensate.

Mario Lemieux Mens Jersey The biggest loss is probably McGaskey. He combined 11 tackles for loss with six passes defensed (a rare combination), and he was the only real play-maker in the back. Nickel back Destri White did have four tackles for loss, and three returnees had at least four passes defensed (four if you include sophomore Justin Bickham, who missed 2016), but there will need to be improvement there.
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Well, there will need to be improvement everywhere. Rice had the worst passing downs defense in the country even with a decent pass rush, and the Owls’ “strongest” primary rating was a No. 92 spot in Standard Downs S&P+. Even if the offense comes together, you don’t have a high ceiling with such a woeful defense. But we’ll see what better injuries luck can do.

Special teams made things neither better nor worse for Rice. The Owls were 87th in Special Teams S&P+ ranking between 54th and 96th in all five individual categories. The entire unit returns, so the extent that experience matters, it could boost the lineup a hair. But there probably won’t be significant shifts up or down here.

Kirk Cousins got slapped with the exclusive franchise tag on Tuesday, which ensures he remains with Washington ¡ª for now. Players react to the tag a great many ways. Some are angry and voice their displeasure, others act like it¡¯s no big deal. Cousins took a different route.

The task of remembering one¡¯s humanity is even more difficult in Cousins¡¯ case.

Game Brandon Thomas Jersey His apologists are fiercely loyal and his critics are relentlessly unforgiving. He¡¯s also much more than just his job. He didn¡¯t just pass through Sacramento, he became a pillar in the city. He matters to people.

Over the past six and a half years, Cousins has entrenched himself in the community. He¡¯s been praised on the floor of the House of Representatives for his charity work. He quietly paid the funeral costs of a slain high school football player. He donated $1 million to charity right after signing a contract extension. While he¡¯s temperamental on the court, he¡¯s by all accounts a generous pillar to Sacramento. He loves the city, and residents who come in direct contact with him return that passion.

That¡¯s why it¡¯s hard to watch him say goodbye to people who shouldn¡¯t matter to him, not with all of his money and fame. It¡¯s hard to see him on the verge of tears and not feel as if the sport is the smallest factor in this blockbuster trade.

Game Deion Jones Jersey What¡¯s their weakness? All four of their losses have come against stiff competition, and come March, that¡¯s all there is. Wichita State¡¯s success stems from their balanced offense. In this sense, their biggest strength is their biggest weakness. They rely on 10 players to contribute at least 13 minutes per game and about five points per game. When players one through 10 don¡¯t show up, they run into trouble. The constant in all four losses has been unbalanced point production. They can¡¯t afford to have any off days once the tournament rolls around.

Can get an at-large bid? Playing in the MVC, their best chance to make March Madness will be to win conference. Lunardi currently has Illinois State in his First Four Out. If the Redbirds win the conference, it would be up to the committee whether the rest of their schedule is enough to get the Shockers an at-large.

One reunion alley-oop can’t heal Westbrook-Durant split

Some 45 minutes before showtime, 11 Western Conference All-Stars warmed up on one end of the floor, while Russell Westbrook stood alone on the other side, shooting free throws.

Authentic Womens Karl Mecklenburg Jersey Westbrook has always despised crowds, deliberately standing in place to wait for media to move out of the way in scrums, or going out of his way to avoid any congestion with fans. He always shoots on his own basket — the same one, by himself — after practices and shootarounds at the Oklahoma City Thunder’s practice facility.

But with so much focus and attention on how Westbrook interacted with Kevin Durant as they reunited as teammates Sunday, it was a striking image. Eventually, a different former teammate, James Harden, joined Westbrook, and the two, who have spent most of the weekend together, warmed up, laughing, joking and gesturing throughout.
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For those tight ends who aren’t going to get drafted to be receivers, many NFL teams carry dedicated blockers, and that’s where strength comes in. There’s quite a bit to blocking, and although lower body strength and leverage are just as important as anything, how many reps a blocker can bench press is always worthwhile information for NFL scouts.

On Thursday, the tight ends assembled for the drill, and there were some impressive results. Many of the tight ends put up bigger numbers than the offensive linemen, though none of them managed to break 30, which multiple offensive linemen did. Louisville’s Gerald Christian recorded 28 reps, the most of any tight end, while Blake Bell of Oklahoma had just 14.

Maxx Williams of Minnesota and Clive Walford of Miami put up 17 and 20 reps, respectively. Those two are the consensus top tight ends coming out this year and those numbers are just about average for the position.

Draymond Green has a leg up on Defensive Player of Year award

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If the NBA season were to end at the All-Star break, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green would be the favorite for his first Defensive Player of the Year award.

After promising anonymity, ESPN polled 80 media members who have postseason awards voting privileges. Every NBA market is represented. The league selects 130 media members to vote for its official postseason awards.

Even though our poll is 50 media members shy of the true figure, Green still holds a pretty decisive advantage. ESPN asked those 80 individuals to give their top three defensive player choices if the season were to conclude today, and 16 candidates were selected.

Using the NBA¡¯s point system of a first-place vote being multiplied by five, a second-place vote multiplied by three and a third-place vote multiplied by one, Green accumulated a total of 295 points.

Picollo’s mind still flashes back to September 2013, when the Royals summoned Ventura from their Triple-A Omaha farm club. Barely a week after Ventura’s arrival, the team held a banquet to honor its top minor leaguers, and Ventura texted Picollo and asked for permission to attend. A half-hour into the dinner, Picollo noticed Ventura paying close attention to Miguel Almonte, another top pitching prospect from the Dominican Republic.

Draymond Green could become the first Golden State Warrior to win the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year award.
He received 41 first-place votes, 28 second-place votes and six third-place votes.

Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert finished second with 193 points. He picked up 17 first-place votes, 31 second-place votes and 15 third-place votes.

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Pittsburgh is cruising to a spot in the dance and, despite how they played against the Lightning

Heck, go support the Rays. They¡¯ve done things in the off-season. Tickets are cheap and the building is air-conditioned.

Okay. So maybe you¡¯re not a baseball fan. Maybe you need hockey in your life. The next couple of months are a great time to figure out what team to root for in the postseason. It¡¯s okay. I¡¯ve checked the fan guidelines and it is perfectly acceptable to root for another team once yours has been eliminated from the playoffs.

Do you want to root for a former coach? Great, you have two choices right now. John Tortorella is leading a Columbus team that is defying expectations. Guy Boucher is doing the same in Ottawa.

Are you a fan of young, exciting players that are helping their teams break long playoff droughts? Again, you¡¯re in luck. Toronto and Edmonton are full of young guys (and Kris Russell) who are fun to watch on the ice.

Proven winners? Pittsburgh is cruising to a spot in the dance and, despite how they played against the Lightning, the Blackhawks should make it as well.

Limited Womens Paul Martin Jersey It¡¯s also probably fair to wonder how much more Pokka can really learn in Rockford. It¡¯s his third full season there since being acquired in the Nick Leddy trade, and he¡¯ll turn 23 years old in June. The Blackhawks will need to figure out exactly what they have in Pokka sooner than later, whether it¡¯s as an NHL player or as a trade chip.
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He¡¯s still a skilled, almost NHL-ready defenseman, though, which is valuable in a league that places a premium on good, cheap blue liners.

The Blackhawks tried to sign Hayden in the summer, but he opted to return to Yale for his senior year as team captain. He has no regrets so far, as he¡¯s continued elevating his game for the Bulldogs. His production has steadily risen over his four college seasons, and he¡¯s now third in college hockey in goals per game.

The Patriots won Super Bowl LI in dramatic fashion, but we’re already looking toward next season

The Cowboys probably would prefer to stretch the dead-money hit over two seasons, but doing so would ensure they won’t get a return for their deposed starting quarterback. A seventh-round pick probably isn’t enough for the Cowboys to justify accelerating all that dead money into 2017, but there has to be a point where the trade compensation would make it worth Dallas’ while.

If a team offers Jerry Jones a fourth-round pick that could conditionally rise to a second-rounder, similar to the trade that brought Brett Favre to the Jets, I think the Cowboys would consider that good value.

The Patriots won Super Bowl LI in dramatic fashion, but we’re already looking toward next season. Which teams are poised to make big leaps? Here’s our way-too-early 2017 hierarchy.

The Patriots are at risk of losing both LeGarrette Blount and Martellus Bennett in free agency this offseason. Which other teams will look different next year?

Elite Youth Mike Singletary Jersey Burnett signed a four-year, $24.75 million extension in 2013, and while he’s been solid, it’s worth questioning whether he’s worth an average salary ($6,187,500) that still ranks 13th among all NFL safeties more than three years later.
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The big decision will be Hyde. He’s likely seeking a deal in excess of $4 million per season. The Packers will have to figure out whether they value his versatility and dependability enough to make that kind of an investment. If they don’t, surely another team will.

The potential of Brice and Evans, who played more on special teams than on defense, could be a reason the Packers pass on Hyde if that’s the price tag.

The Packers have plenty of work to do on defense, but not necessarily at this position; pass-rushers and cornerbacks are a much bigger priority on this side of the ball.

Phil Jackson’s treatment of Carmelo Anthony could backfire on Knicks

Shortly before leaving the New York Knicks’ practice court on Tuesday, Phil Jackson walked over to Kristaps Porzingis and chatted with the young star. It was a short conversation and seemed amiable, with Jackson and Porzingis sharing a smile.
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It¡¯s safe to say Jackson hasn¡¯t had the same interaction with Carmelo Anthony in quite some time.
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The team president has been taking shots at his star forward — directly and indirectly — throughout the season. The latest critique was delivered on Tuesday afternoon, in the form of a tweet.

Jackson seems to agree — at least in part — with the premise brought forth by Los Angeles-based writer Kevin Ding, who published a column on Bleacher Report that eviscerates Anthony, questioning his desire to win.

Jackson also makes reference to Michael Graham in the tweet, saying that he ¡°learned you don’t change the spot on a leopard with Michael Graham in my CBA daze.¡± Graham was a talented player from Georgetown whom Jackson coached in the Continental Basketball Association. Their relationship was short-lived, and Jackson lamented that he could never reach the forward.

The Cavaliers already have two of the top 10 players in isolation plays this season (LeBron James and Kyrie Irving). No team in the past 10 seasons has had three rank in the top 10. Adding Anthony would mean adding a consistent leader in that department; he ranks third this season.

Ibaka scored 28 points in 40 minutes in the Magic’s loss at Houston on Tuesday night. Ibaka would bring a defensive presence and another shooter that could fit into Mike D’Antoni’s offense. In late December when the Rockets lost starting center Clint Capela to a fractured fibula, ESPN’s Marc Stein reported Houston entertained acquiring Sacramento center Kosta Koufos.

Cousins has played for six coaches over his seven seasons

Hired with an expectation to repeat the fixes he has executed elsewhere, coach John Fox has instead stumbled to a worse record (.281 win percentage) than predecessor Marc Trestman (.406). Fox’s usually sound defense has been terrible, allowing the eighth-most points in the NFL the past two seasons, and he was unable to coax stability from quarterback Jay Cutler. (In fact, Fox appeared to favor journeyman Brian Hoyer last season.) The Bears finished 2016 with the NFL’s fourth-lowest Total QBR (45.7) and appear poised to start over at the position in 2017.
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Rookie running back Jordan Howard is a bright spot, having amassed the NFL’s second-highest total of rushing yards (1,313), and he could take the pressure off a new/young quarterback in 2017. The Bears could also get a boost from the presumed return of multiple high-end players who suffered injuries in 2016, from offensive linemen Chris Long and Hroniss Grasu to receiver Kevin White to cornerback Kyle Fuller.

“In a way, they deserved each other,” a Kings source says. “Unfortunately the rest of us didn’t.”

Cousins has played for six coaches over his seven seasons. The one he trusted most (Malone) lasted six fewer games (106) than the one he trusted least (Karl, pictured).

Game Mens Zach Line Jersey IN A CONFERENCE room inside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas in October, a few weeks before this season, referee Bennett Salvatore is briefing the Kings on the NBA’s points of emphasis with regard to officiating. It’s an annual rite for each of the 30 teams, and Salvatore opens the session by letting the players in attendance know that game officials appreciate an open line of communication. Refs care about getting the calls right, he says. If you have concerns, we want to hear them.

Gronk couldn’t last 5 minutes before twerking on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Rob Gronkowski immediately started talking about his dance moves on Celebrity Family Feud without much prompting. This was an invitation for Steve Harvey to call Gronk out.
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Landon Turner, G (senior): Turner takes the title of the ACC’s best interior blocker. He’s a strong blocker in the phone booth and will fit right in on an NFL team that runs a power line. He’s not going to be a guard who will get out in the move and pick defenders off in the open field, but he shouldn’t be expected to. If he can turn up his aggression a little bit this season, a spot in the top 100 picks in the draft should be attainable.

Quinshad Davis, WR (senior): Davis was expected to be a sensation a year go, but he had merely a decent season with 41 receptions for 470 yards and six touchdowns. Davis can extend to get some bad passes, which is a necessity playing for the Tar Heels. Although Davis may not profile as a No. 1 or No. 2 receiver in the NFL, he has good size and good enough hands.
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Deon Bush, S (senior): As is the case with any of Miami’s draft-eligible players for 2016, a lot can change between now and next April. But of said group, Bush is the player I feel will end up with the highest draft grade by the conclusion of next season. His size, speed and ball-hawking nature should lead to a second- or third-round selection in 2016. With a big season, he could even end up among the first 32 players picked. (More on Bush here.)

Tracy Howard, CB (senior): Tracy Howard has all the tools to be a big-time college cover corner and a high draft pick. But his film needs to match his talent. Additionally, it will help his cause if UM moves him around some this year and lets him cover on the outside and the slot. (More on Howard here.)

Marc Stein makes his picks for the NBA All-Star starters

Game DeVante Parker Jersey When it comes to admiring the staggering numbers that Russell Westbrook and James Harden are putting up nightly, Kyle Lowry is like the rest of us. He too is in awe of the “ridiculous numbers” and admits it has been “unbelievable to watch.”

Game Clay Matthews Jersey But don’t let Lowry fool you. Quietly, the Toronto point guard is putting up superb numbers that are usually produced by the likes of Harden, Westbrook, LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

He thinks deeply about what it takes — what it means — to be a great quarterback. For years, when he discussed his craft, it was fascinating as he delved into the magnitude of responsibility on each play. But it was also a little sad. You could feel the pressure building inside him as he spoke, almost making the game a little more complicated than it needed to be — the curse of the over-invested.

“Most importantly, foreign players must have the willingness to blend in and be part of [everything],” Shao said. “Many teams now value this quality given Marbury’s story. Some players are willing to do everything to help their teams win while others — who have no intention to stay long in China — just focus on racking up stats for themselves so they can get another job later elsewhere.”

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall, the franchise’s most high-profile player over the past two years, will be released. He will be 33 years old in March, his production dropped significantly and he’s due to make a non-guaranteed $7.5 million in 2017. He was also a distraction in the locker room. His boisterous style chafed teammates, creating factions. For the sake of team chemistry, it’s probably best to move on from Marshall and lean on the team’s young receivers. — Rich Cimini