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NFL free agency: Eddie Lacy signing means Adrian Peterson might have long wait

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Authentic Martin Maldonado Jersey Yeah, what the f— was Holbrook doing? Overreacting and not using common sense, that’s what. He made his debut as a big league ump in 1996. By now he should know the difference between a curveball that got away (which is what happened with Gausman) and the high-90s heat Sale delivered behind Machado on Tuesday and Barnes put behind Machado’s head in late April. At least Barnes was ejected; Sale got off with a warning.

Nearly a week of free agency has gone by, and the greatest running back of our era is still available. Nobody should be too shocked by that — nor by the likelihood that it will be a while before he’s signed.

Adrian Peterson has not yet found a new team. Eddie Lacy has, as of Tuesday afternoon. The Seahawks brought in Peterson but signed Lacy, which tells us something about what the Seahawks were looking for, and what they were not.

Unless there’s more going on below the surface, Peterson’s age, his health history, his salary range, his strengths and weaknesses — even his position, and please hang in there for that explanation — are working against him.

Wrap your head around all of that. Lacy measured up better in most of those categories, and Lacy’s biggest knock his entire career makes him the polar opposite of Peterson: his conditioning. Yet Lacy is five years younger, and his knees have been healthier, despite the extra poundage they’ve lugged around.

And he signed for a reported $3 million guaranteed for one year.

Elliott is mature beyond his years on the field in the NFL, but off the field, he needs to avoid taking these kinds of character hits.

The more he keeps piling on, the harder it will become for him to ever be totally in the clear.