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The Celtics aren’t seen as an untouchable No. 1 seed or anything even close to it

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The Bulls died a thousand deaths this year, and they certainly didn’t think they would need until the final day of the season to earn their playoff berth. Yet there they were, squeaking by on Wednesday to find themselves here. As it turned out, the combination of Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade, and Jimmy Butler all together doesn’t bring out the best qualities in each one. But with a few key role players emerging late in the season, Chicago won seven of its final nine games and are at least playing solid basketball right about now.

The Celtics aren’t seen as an untouchable No. 1 seed or anything even close to it, but they will probably be just fine against Chicago. Probably!

This list doesn’t indicate how highly these players were picked (more on that soon to come at this website), but it does show who rang up the most raw numbers in the 2017 NFL draft.
Dion Sims Womens Jersey
The Michigan Wolverines lead the way, headlined by first-rounders Jabrill Peppers, a safety for the Browns, and Taco Charlton, a DE for the Cowboys. The fun fact: how many of these dudes were recruited by failed coach Brady Hoke before Jim Harbaugh took over. As in, basically all of them.

Alabama’s next. Yep. Fine. Great. Alabama’s always up there. More to come next year, too.

Miami made a late surge, throwing up a bunch of numbers after being pretty quiet for most of the draft.

Most of the other big numbers are the usuals, but check out Utah! Good job, Utah!

On the comedy side of things, hold your sides while pointing at Oregon having zero picks, Division II West Georgia having more than Georgia or Georgia Tech, Nebraska being outdrafted by former coach Bo Pelini’s Youngstown State, as many long snappers being drafted as Longhorns, and Penn State tying for fourth in the state of Pennsylvania. There’s plenty of context to each of those that could be explained, but right now, I just want you to dwell on chuckling. Thank you.