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He provided us with the first butt spike

The slow-motion ripple in his ass makes the celebration. It’s kinda like those plays that look more impressive in slow motion than in real time.
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I’m not sure if he planned for the ball to go straight back up like it did, but that’s also quite the risky proposition. If the football lands a little more forward, that’s a painful celebration.

Anyway, he should have to recreate that now for each touchdown. Do you know why I love Twitter? Because I am actually able to write the sentence Jaguars punter Brad Nortman got a lot of love this weekend for several excellent punts against the Jets and have empirical evidence that this is true. Twenty-five years ago, would I have been able to write something like that and find evidence for it? Of course not.

The release of the NFL Report Card also comes shortly after the announcement that Colin Kaepernick had broken his silence and was taking legal action against what he claims is collusion among NFL owners to prevent him from getting another job in the league because of his activism. I agree with many others that Addison Russell Jersey there is no doubt that Kaepernick deserves to be playing.

Elite Kids Patrick DiMarco Jersey On that September day we saw NFL players, coaches and owners kneeling and linking arms in a display of unity in response to President Trump’s comments about NFL players protesting the national anthem. Of course, players kneeling, raising their fists and linking arms is about more than defying the President’s comments, at its core it is about protesting social injustice and growing the movement started by Kaepernick.