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The task of remembering one¡¯s humanity is even more difficult in Cousins¡¯ case.

Game Brandon Thomas Jersey His apologists are fiercely loyal and his critics are relentlessly unforgiving. He¡¯s also much more than just his job. He didn¡¯t just pass through Sacramento, he became a pillar in the city. He matters to people.

Over the past six and a half years, Cousins has entrenched himself in the community. He¡¯s been praised on the floor of the House of Representatives for his charity work. He quietly paid the funeral costs of a slain high school football player. He donated $1 million to charity right after signing a contract extension. While he¡¯s temperamental on the court, he¡¯s by all accounts a generous pillar to Sacramento. He loves the city, and residents who come in direct contact with him return that passion.

That¡¯s why it¡¯s hard to watch him say goodbye to people who shouldn¡¯t matter to him, not with all of his money and fame. It¡¯s hard to see him on the verge of tears and not feel as if the sport is the smallest factor in this blockbuster trade.

Game Deion Jones Jersey What¡¯s their weakness? All four of their losses have come against stiff competition, and come March, that¡¯s all there is. Wichita State¡¯s success stems from their balanced offense. In this sense, their biggest strength is their biggest weakness. They rely on 10 players to contribute at least 13 minutes per game and about five points per game. When players one through 10 don¡¯t show up, they run into trouble. The constant in all four losses has been unbalanced point production. They can¡¯t afford to have any off days once the tournament rolls around.

Can get an at-large bid? Playing in the MVC, their best chance to make March Madness will be to win conference. Lunardi currently has Illinois State in his First Four Out. If the Redbirds win the conference, it would be up to the committee whether the rest of their schedule is enough to get the Shockers an at-large.