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We’ll see what they do this year.

Last month, ESPN President John Skipper tried to address ESPN’s social media policy through an internal memo that said, we have social media policies which require people to understand that social platforms are public and their comments on them will reflect on ESPN. At a minimum, comments should not be inflammatory or personal.
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Skipper’s memo was in response to another Twitter controversy that involved Hill, who called President Trump a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.

ESPN opted not to suspend Hill after that tweet. At an industry conference days before Hill’s Cowboys tweet, Disney CEO Bob Iger said he was part of the decision not to suspend Hill the first time.

I felt that we needed to take into account what Jemele and other people at ESPN were feeling in this time, he said.
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Facilitated by a tweet-happy president who has worked tirelessly to corrupt the meaning of Kaepernick’s gesture, our current state is not just affecting the personal freedoms of athletes challenging Trump’s orders of obligatory shows of patriotism. The personal freedoms of everyday people are being menaced, including right here at home.

A Woodland High School chemistry teacher last week was placed on administrative leave for taking a knee as The Star Spangled Banner played during a homecoming pep rally. While kneeling, Windy Pappas placed her right over her heart. In her left hand was a Black Lives Matter sign. A poster nearby her stated: It’s okay to disagree with any sign here.

As we’ve said repeatedly—and was also the case when Sage Steele hosted, too—ESPN devalues this show by not letting it host the majority of post-game airtime during the Conference Finals and NBA Finals.