Many NFL teams are fond of starting their final drives before halftime

Many NFL teams are fond of starting their final drives before halftime with a draw or another sort of running play to try to test the waters. If the play goes well, they’ll kick it into second gear and start sprinting down the field to try to score. If the play fails, they’ll slow down and waste time before hitting the locker room for halftime. In a league where teams constantly talk about dictating the game and imposing their will upon the opposition, the halftime draw is weirdly passive.

But the halftime draw doesn’t suit either master. If the play works and gains 10 yards, you’re now sprinting up to the line of scrimmage to run your next play while wasting precious seconds or you’re burning a timeout. Given how far these plays likely David Clarkson Jersey are from the end zone, they’re the most likely passes on your drive to be completed and the mostly likely to end with a free pass out of bounds to stop the clock. Teams are afraid of throwing incomplete passes and being stuck punting to the opposition, but if that’s David Savard Jersey such a concern, you’re better off kneeling and avoiding the risk of fumbles.

Who are these people keeping Goodell in power? Well, they’re the kind of people who get giant statues of themselves for their 80th birthday, like Panthers owners Jerry Richardson. It’s the kind of art only a dictator would love.

But roughly just six weeks after the NFL and NFLPA were reportedly negotiating a way to lessen Roger Goodell’s authority, a federal appeals court reinstated Brady’s suspension in late April. “We hold that the commissioner properly exercised this broad discretion under the collective bargaining agreement and that his procedural rulings were properly grounded in that agreement and did not deprive Brady of fundamental fairness,” the majority opinion said. “Accordingly, we reverse the judgment of the district court and remain with instructions to confirm the award.”

Once that ruling was issued, the league no longer had any incentive to work out a deal with the players’ union. One of the highest courts in the land essentially determined there are no limits to Goodell’s disciplinary power in the CBA.

Andy Dalton, NFL MVP. Another in a series of bold predictions for the Bengals’ upcoming season, Cincy Jungle look at the case for why Andy Dalton will win the NFL MVP award for the 2016 season.

Could Jimmy Garoppolo supplant Tom Brady on the Patriots depth chart? No. But that didn’t stop daytime cable sports television from asking the question.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has shown a willingness to go for 2 early in games, but he doesn’t do it every time. Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports
It’s impossible for humans to imagine all of the possibilities in their head in real time, but it’s far from impossible to imagine them with a computer, which is why coaches should look to models. The one created by Football Commentary is outdated because it doesn’t account for the new extra point rules, but it gives us some broader insight into how teams should think about these sorts of decisions.

Their model suggests going for two isn’t as meaningful or clear-cut early in the second half as it might be later in the contest, but there are still situations where the choice to go for two should be quite obvious. Teams should basically always be going for two when they are up by five or down by five. The same is true when they are down by two, eight, nine, 13 or 15, which leads to another unwritten rule …

Do the Saints want to keep Drew Brees or not?

MASSIVE TRAINING CAMP PREVIEW: Here’s the main storyline in training camp for every NFL team in 2016. From Jimmy Garoppolo to Blaine Gabbert, here’s the most intriguing thing to watch for all 32 teams in training camp.

THE JETS HAVE A QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick agreed to a one-year, $12 million deal with the Jets. It’s over! And so is the Jets’ quarterback competition. All it took was an ultimatum!

MAGIC MAN: Eagles longsnapper Jon Dorenbos advances Karl Mecklenburg Authentic Womens Jersey to America’s Got Talent semifinals. Head coach Doug Pederson was pumped up about it too.

After a season littered with turmoil, all eyes in Dolphins training camp this month will be on new head coach Adam Gase. More specifically, if Gase can help take quarterback Ryan Tannehill to the next level.

Despite a tumultuous 2015 campaign, Miami’s ownership reportedly still backs Tannehill, who received a $96 million contract extension last year. His Kayvon Webster Authentic Womens Jersey performance will likely depend on the development of the Dolphins’ young receiving corps, which appears to be a point of focus for the team.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Dolphins training camp without a number of new additions joining the fray. They brought in Mario Williams to help replace the departed Olivier Vernon on the defensive line and took fliers on Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles. Miami is still remaking its roster this month, signing veteran running back Arian Foster to a one-year deal in order to help a backfield that finished 23rd in the league in rushing.

For the first time in years, the Patriots’ biggest question mark heading into training camp revolves around the quarterback position. With Tom Brady announcing he will no longer appeal his four-game DeflateGate suspension, Jimmy Garoppolo is slated to stand under center for the first quarter of the schedule.

It will be fascinating to see how the Patriots dole out reps between Brady and Garoppolo. Though conventional wisdom says Garoppolo, 24, should receive most of the practice time with the first unit, Brady will also have to get himself acclimated with newcomers Martellus Bennett and Chris Hogan. Given the complexity of the Patriots’ offense — and Brady’s competitive nature — he may demand equal time.

Though Garoppolo’s performance will likely be the headline after every preseason game, the remade defensive line must prove it can withstand the losses of Chandler Jones and Dominique Easley, who were traded and released this offseason, respectively. Bill Belichick brought in veterans Chris Long and Terrance Knighton to help fill the void.

It wouldn’t be a Jets training camp without a suffocating controversy hovering over the team. But this year it was settled shortly, with Fitzpatrick re-signing Wednesday.

With the veteran Fitzpatrick back in the mix, the Jets can count on having a potent offense once again. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker combined for the most touchdown receptions among teammates in Jets history last year, and Matt Forte gives them an additional weapon (his 4802 receiving yards rank second among NFL running backs since 2008).

The Jets were also able to bring back Muhammad Wilkerson with an $86 million extension, which is the kind of deal you get when you record 12 sacks in a season. His presence will be crucial on a defensive line that must replace departed nose tackle Damon Harrison, who inked a $46.2 million deal with the New York Giants in free agency.

A pair of Rams legends are going into the Hall of Fame

A pair of Rams legends are going into the Hall of Fame, but the team’s owner didn’t bother to show up

It’s Hall of Fame weekend! That means two things. First, the induction ceremony with the speeches and memories and enough nostalgia to make you choke. Second, there’s a football game.

It’s a great moment for the players, fans, teams and even the team owners, who can come across as callous billionaires, but sometimes genuinely enjoy the sport … well, except for Rams owner Stan Kroenke.

Early in training camp, Fitzgerald Cameron Erving Jersey was asked how much longer he planned to play, and he didn’t seem to have a firm timeline.

Fitzgerald said retiring as an Cardinal is a priority, and he has expressed uncertainty about how much longer he plans to play. One of the caveats Fitzgerald had for continuing to play was that he didn’t want to go through adapting to a new quarterback. By also extending Palmer, the Cardinals have alleviated that concern for Fitzgerald.

Palmer’s extension is worth $24.35 million, and Carl Nassib Jersey the next two years of his contract are fully guaranteed, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. Palmer played at a high level in 2016. He threw for 4,671 yards and 35 touchdowns, which were both career marks for the veteran quarterback. Fitzgerald’s extension is worth $11 million and is also guaranteed for injury.

The Cardinals, who finished the regular season 13-3 a year ago, also extended another key member of the team earlier in the week when they locked down defensive back Tyrann Mathieu.

Terrell Owens responded to Marvin Harrison’s Hall of Fame criticism of him with a gun joke. No, he didn’t? Yes, he did. Go back and read GQ’s story about the Marvin Harrison gun case. Harrison’s legacy is complicated. Now, go back and watch Tim Brown’s reaction to Harrison being a no-show at the announcement in February.

Brett Favre got to star in an episode of Breaking Madden, where the Ol’ Gunslinger tried to save the Rams. He also has an infomercial for razors that are not very popular. He once drowned a deer. As a boy, Brett Favre did everything that you’re not supposed to do when you go deer hunting. And a jacked Favre was a terrible NFL Draft analyst.

Fitzpatrick looked like Beavis, if Beavis had actually been able to grow a beard. If he would have said he spent his offseason serving as an extra in the wildlings’ scenes in Game of Thrones, we wouldn’t have been surprised. His hair was spectacular.

Cowboys sign Mark Sanchez after he was released by Broncos

On Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys officially signed Mark Sanchez, providing them with more depth in the aftermath of Tony Romo’s latest back injury. The Denver Broncos parted ways with the quarterback Saturday before the 53-man roster deadline.

Sanchez fell out of favor with the Broncos after an underwhelming preseason where he got outplayed by Trevor Siemian, who eventually earned the starting job. Denver reportedly attempted to trade Sanchez, but received no interest and released him instead, recouping Barry Sanders Jersey his $4.5 million salary and the seventh-round pick that was traded to acquire him.

“I’m going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed,” Kaepernick said. “To me, this is something that has to change. When there’s significant change and I feel that flag represents what it’s supposed to represent, and this country is representing people the way that it’s supposed to, I’ll stand.”

Kaepernick said Sunday that he would continue Brandon Pettigrew Jersey his protest this week. On Thursday, Kaepernick’s teammate, safety Eric Reid, joined him by taking a knee during the anthem before the 49ers faced the Chargers. Kaepernick wasn’t aware of Lane’s decision to also sit during the anthem, but said he was “proud of him.”

Immediately after the anthem, Lane’s teammate Richard Sherman came to the bench and spoke to him, according to Greg Bell of the News Tribune. Sherman said earlier in the week that he had heard teammates discussing this form of protest previously. He later showed support his support for his teammate:

Sherman on Lane: “He sat down, he wanted to make a point and I think he made a great point.”

— Bob Condotta (@bcondotta) September 2, 2016
After the game, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he has always encouraged his players speaking their mind.

“It’s a totally individual decision,” Carroll said. “I’m really proud of the progress we’re making in the conversation.”

Not all hope is lost. But while these are some very luxurious silver linings for the Vikings, they’re still going to be more severely limited in what they can do overall with Shaun Hill or whoever they might get to replace him at quarterback.

All the preseason hype and the predictions for winning the NFC North rested largely on what Bridgewater could have done in his third season. A playoff run isn’t impossible for Minnesota. Do not underestimate Mike Zimmer. But we’re probably going to have to wait a year to crown Minnesota as the best team in the NFC.

“I think it would be foolish if you were to say there isn’t an issue in this country with minorities,” Reid said, via CBS Bay Area. “There’s a million issues in America and this is something he feels strongly about and I respect him for voicing his opinion on it.”

Kaepernick said Sunday that he planned to continue his protest, and after addressing the team and explaining his perspective, his teammates expressed support for his efforts to draw attention to the ongoing oppression of black Americans in the United States.

Jimmy Garoppolo is not expected play Thursday but may return for Week 4

Jimmy Garoppolo has been diagnosed with a sprained AC joint in his shoulder, according to NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo. Garoppolo is not expected to take the field this week when the Patriots face the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football. According to Garafolo, it’s possible Garoppolo will be healthy enough to play in Week 4 against the Buffalo Bills.

Garoppolo left the New England Patriots’ Week 2 matchup against the Miami Dolphins in the second quarter after being injured Dwight Lowery Jersey during a hit by Kiko Alonso. Still, the Patriots were able to hold off the Dolphins for a 31-24 win.

Prior to injury, Garoppolo had 234 yards and threw three touchdowns for the Patriots.

LIONS LOSE STARTING RB: Ameer Abdullah placed on injured reserve. The Detroit Lions starting running back is out at least six weeks. They added George Winn to practice squad.

PICKS PICKS PICKS: NFL Eric Weddle Jersey picks 2016, Week 3: Experts see big wins for the Packers and Panthers. Sure, it’s not a stretch to see a unanimous vote for the Dolphins to beat the Browns, but is this week really that much of a sure thing for the Panthers and Packers?

VON MILLER IS THE BEST: Kubiak says Broncos edge rusher Von Miller is “as good as I’ve ever seen.” No. 58 is picking up where he left off last season. Von Miller wrecked the Colts, and that earned him the Hoss of the Week award. The Colts didn’t double-team him. And, yes, you absolutely WILL believe what happened next.

HOPE FOR OAKLAND: Is there new hope for the Raiders to stay in Oakland? There is some more positive news coming out of Oakland Tuesday regarding a potential buyer for the Coliseum and some positive spin from Roger Goodell.

“If it comes down to making somebody uncomfortable by speaking the truth, then I’ll always make you uncomfortable with the truth, [rather] than make you feel comfortable with a lie.”

Eagles coach Doug Pederson said Jenkins discussed the idea of the protest with him ahead of time, and he respected players’ decisions to demonstrate in this manner.

Drysdale used a nasty sidearm fastball and a tenacious demeanor on the mound

LOS ANGELES — When the Dodgers moved to Los 50 years ago, they brought with them a tradition of starting pitching. First it was Koufax and Drysdale, then it was Orel Hershiser and Valenzuela. between, there were names like Sutton, Podres and. Starting pitching has been a hallmark of the Dodgers organization and continues to be the strength of the team as it enters the 2008. This month, Dodgers fans be able to vote for three starting pitchers for the All-Time Roster as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Dodgers Marco Belinelli Jersey moving to Los. Other positions follow the coming months as fans put together the squad, to be announced during the 2008 campaign. Below is a list of 11 candidates with a quick overview of their careers with the Dodgers. The rest is up to you, the fans, who have watched and cheered for your favorite Dodgers over the years: Drysdale: A dominant and intimidating right-handed pitcher, Drysdale teamed up with fellow hurler Koufax to form one of the most dominating one-two combinations the modern.

Drysdale used a nasty sidearm fastball and a tenacious demeanor on the mound to intimidate hitters. He won 15 or more seven times his 14-year career with the Dodgers and produced his best Dodger blue 1962, when he won 25 and the Cy Award. A nine-time All-, Drysdale helped the Dodgers win three World Series championships. From to early of 1968, Drysdale set a record of 58 3 consecutive scoreless innings that would last for 20 years until fellow Dodger Hershiser broke it 1988. Drysdale ended his career 1969 with 209 wins, 2 strikeouts, 167 Mike Bibby Jersey complete and 49 shutouts. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame 1984 and his No. 53 was officially retired at Dodger Stadium on July 1. Orel Hershiser: The Bulldog, as he was known, was one of the best big-game pitchers to wear a Dodgers uniform. Hershiser enjoyed a solid rookie 1984 and had a breakthrough year the following, when he went 19 with a 2. Hershiser, who was named to the National League All- team three times 18 League seasons, put together one of the best years baseball history 1988 when he led the underdog Dodgers to a World Series title. The righty dominated, winning 23, the Cy Award and a Gold Glove, while posting a 2.

His biggest accomplishment came the playoffs, when he pitched a shutout Game 7 of the NLCS after starting Games 1 and 3 against the Mets and recorded the final out Game 4. He was named NLCS MVP and won two against the Athletics the World Series, earning MVP honors once again. That same, Hershiser broke Drysdale’s record with 59 scoreless innings. He finished his career 2000 as a member of the Dodgers with a record of 204 with 2 strikeouts and 3. Hooton: The hurler from Texas with a trademark knuckle curveball baffled hitters for 10 seasons with the Dodgers. Hooten, who was nicknamed Happy by former manager Lasorda because he hardly ever smiled, came to the Dodgers via trade 1975 and won 18 his first Los. Hooten had his best with the Dodgers 1978 when he went 19 with a 2, but gained most of his recognition the playoffs, where he was at his best. 1981, Hooten was named the MVP of the NLCS after defeating the Expos twice without allowing a run. the World Series against the Yankees, Hooton won Game 1, allowing just six hits before leaving the eighth inning, and then clinched the Series for the Dodgers with a win Game 6. :, who won 288 his 26-year League career, is considered one of the most dominant left-handers to play the game. His 288 wins rank as the sixth highest total among lefties League history. came to the Dodgers 1972 and won 27 his first two seasons. 1974, after cruising to a 13 record, blew out his elbow, permanently damaging the ulnar collateral ligament his pitching arm. however, was undeterred and convinced Dr. Frank Jobe to perform a revolutionary surgery now known as surgery. After sitting out entire, returned to the Dodgers 1976 and went 10, but he wasn’t done there. went on to enjoy his best Dodger blue the following year, posting a 20 record with 123 strikeouts and a 2. A four-time All-, won 164 after undergoing the surgery and finished his career 1989 as a member of the Yankees. Koufax: Koufax is arguably the best left-hander to ever play the Majors. Known for his four no-hitters and a stretch of six outstanding seasons from 1961 which he won three Cy Awards and the National League MVP award 1963, Koufax was the Dodgers’ go-to-. During that incredible six-year stretch, Koufax won 129 and threw all four no-hitters, including the first perfect game by a lefty since 1880.

Menu Carlos Beltran and Carpenter hit solo homers, tossed seven solid innings and the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Atlanta Braves

Menu Carlos Beltran and Carpenter hit solo homers, tossed seven solid innings and the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Atlanta Braves, 6, on Saturday. Beltran went 3-for-5 with two RBI for the Cardinals, who have won four a row. Holliday knocked two runs and scored once, while Yadier Molina had RBI. allowed one run on three hits while striking out six. My main goal tonight was to just keep my focus the entire game and just attack the zone, said. That’s kind of what I’ve been lacking a little bit. hit a solo homer for the NL East-leading Braves, who have dropped the first three contests of this four-game series. Laird had RBI. Atlanta starter Julio Teheran gave up four runs on five hits while striking out eight and walking five over six-plus frames. It’s a combination of tough pitching and we’re not swinging it well right now really well, said Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez. Sometimes you run into a hot team, like they are right now. The score was 1 after and Carpenter homered for their respective teams the first inning. Beltran homered to right with one down the third to make it 2 St. Louis and give the hosts Dennis Johnson Jersey the lead for good. retired 10 straight batters before giving up a two-out single to Andrelton Simmons the seventh. B.J. Upton grounded into a fielder’s choice to end the inning. The Cardinals tacked on three more runs the bottom half of the frame. Pinch-hitter Robinson and Carpenter singled to put runners on the corners. Holliday’s two-run double to right-center field and Molina’s run- scoring single up the middle made it 5. Beltran’s RBI single the eighth made it a five-run contest. Randy Choate started on the mound for the Cardinals the ninth. McCann hit a two-out single before Seth Maness came from the bullpen. Simmons singled before Laird’s RBI double to right plated McCann. Mujica came to record the final out of the game for his 34th save of the. Game Notes The series is tied 3… The Cardinals went 4-for-10 with runners scoring position and stranded nine, while Atlanta Evan Turner Jersey went 1-for-2 with RISP and left six men on.

Saturday’s, tap-danced his way out of allowing runs, but he did allow some emotion to seep through. worked his way out of a two-on, no-out situation with his team clinging to a one-run lead the eighth inning. Actually, it was more perilous than that — went 3 on the third hitter and the A’s had visions of bases loaded and none out. But got a strikeout and later a double play and wiggled out of the inning. After the double play, the normally reserved and stoic pumped his fist and shouted. Sometimes you get a little lucky and it excites you, said, smiling. Getting men on first and second and getting Vogt and Zobrist, some of the toughest outs baseball, that was kind of something. Manager Ned Yost agreed. We were all pumping our fists at that time, Yost said. It’s a big series for both teams. These are fun., who has given up just one run 32 innings this year, fell behind Vogt 3, mainly because he lost his release point. Just driving too much with body, said. After a visit to the mound by pitching coach Dave Eiland, tried to focus on keeping his body sync with his arm. Suddenly, 3 became 3 and then strike three on Vogt on a terrific cutter on the outside corner. Sure was nice to get an out there, said. Up came ‘ old teammate at Tampa Bay, Zobrist. Probably his weakness is a changeup, and I really ‘t have one, said. But got Zobrist to offer on a cutter, and Zobrist chopped one back to and that started a double play. That’s his mental toughness, Yost said.

It was a cue shot, said Sanders. I was just trying to put the ball play and hopefully something happened. I was able to put it play and I was able to get a hit out of it and two RBIs. After Carpenter was pulled, the Cards went to rookie Brad Thompson, who was touched for a run his playoff debut. Flores, also making his first postseason appearance, allowed a homer to Eric that made it 8, and Cal Eldred was charged with a pair of runs after allowing two hits the ninth. It got hairier against closer Jason Isringhausen, who permitted four straight base hits to allow the go-ahead run to come to the plate. Isringhausen fanned former Oakland teammate Hernandez to end the game. The Cardinals improved to 4 all-time against San postseason play. Game 2 of the Division Series is set for Thursday at 3 p.m. CT at Busch Stadium, with Mulder facing Astacio. Matthew Leach is a reporter for. This story was not subject to the approval of League Baseball or its clubs.

When you look back at individual goals, I made a bunch of them

PITTSBURGH — Votto ‘s 143rd and final walk of the 2015 extended his League lead. The Reds first baseman had to really grind out the plate appearance to get it, but he ultimately fell a percentage point short of overtaking the Nationals’ Harper for the MLB lead on-base percentage. Facing left-hander J.A. Happ the top of the sixth inning with Doug Martin Jersey two outs during to the Pirates, Votto walked on the 13th pitch. After a 2 count, Votto fouled off five-straight fastballs before he looked at ball 3 — a 78-mph curveball. Another three-straight fastballs were fouled off the full count. Happ’s 13th pitch was a fastball that missed high and inside. the eighth inning against lefty Tony Watson, Votto hit a single into center field to finish the day 1-for-3.

Meanwhile, Harper went 1-for-4 to finish with a.460 OBP that was just ahead of Votto’s.459. Votto did own the Majors’ longest streak of reaching safely this — 48 games — which was snapped on Saturday night. That left him tied with Pete for the franchise record. By reaching a club-record 319 times this, Votto led the Majors over Harper, who reached 301 times. Although the 64 Reds did not contend for the postseason, and finished last the National League Central, a few other players also led statistical categories. Starting pitcher Anthony DeSclafani led all Evan Dietrich-Smith Jersey League rookies with 184 3 innings and was tied for the lead with 31 starts. Frazier led the NL with 619 at-bats this, but his 43 doubles left him tied for second the league and one behind Matt Carpenter of the Cardinals. Frazier was 2-for-3 with two singles on. With 35 home runs this, he was only the third player Reds history to hit 30 homers while primarily playing third base. Looking at the team goals, we didn’t make those. It’s right there written stone. It didn’t start off well and didn’t end well, Frazier said.

When you look back at individual goals, I made a bunch of them. All all, you want to be the playoffs. You want to win your division. Billy Hamilton ‘s late- right shoulder injury left him at 57 stolen bases, and he lost his League lead to the Marlins’ Dee. But the Reds came away with the team lead steals — 134, two ahead of Arizona. Skip Schumaker led the Majors with 19 hits as a pinch-hitter, the most the league since 2010. Schumaker batted the ninth inning and hit a laser of a low-liner to right field that was caught nicely by Polanco, leaving him Schumaker one hit shy of tying Jacob ‘s 2005 club record. And what has been well-chronicled all, the Reds led the Majors starts by a rookie pitcher with 110, a modern franchise record, including MLB-record 64 to end the. All the individual stuff, being able to watch have unbelievably great year. was exceptional as well, Reds manager Price said. To see DeSclafani come and emerge as a League starting pitcher and the introduction of Raisel Iglesias, those are individual things that are terrific. Once we decided to go all with this youth movement, we have to go through this stage order to get better. That doesn’t mean we had to struggle like we did. The pitching wasn’t good. And the young starters we’re putting a lot of expectation on have to get a lot better between now and next. But this is that beginning of seeing what we have and what we can do with this group.

MULDER and Scully are reunited the first glimpse at the revamped TV show. It’s been 13 years since the special agents – played by Duchovny and – were last on our screens and last month, fans were teased with a picture of their first day of filming on the X Files set. Now, with 201 days until the new instalments, Fox have released a tantalising teaser for 201 Days of The X-Files, featuring scenes from old episodes and encouraging fans to watch one a day until the new series lands. It ends with the brand new footage, with the sci-fi legends sweeping the room with torches. And while Mulder is still searching for the truth, Scully seems to be taking a more cynical view of the world. Mulder is heard telling his partner: I believe what we’re looking for is the X Files. I’m more certain than ever I’m sure the truth is there. She replies:I’ve heard the truth Mulder, now what I want is the answers. The countdown ends on January 24. We just can’t wait. Related articles.

Watson led the Falcons at the intermission with 15 points

The first half, after the score was tied at 12, a Watson three pointer put the Falcons up for good the frame. The Falcons’ extended their lead to 14 points with 1 left the frame after taking a double-digit lead Sergio Romo Jersey at 36 with 3 on the clock. The 14-point lead the first half proved to be the Falcons’ largest lead of the contest. At the break, Albertus led 42 as the Falcons hit 8-of-21 from behind the arc and shot 50% from the field.

Watson led the Falcons at the intermission with 15 points, while Davis added 13. Ljuljdjuraj registered 12 first-half rebounds, including 11 on the defensive end. Purchase shot just 28% the opening half and only hit three of their 11 attempts from three-point land. Purchase cut the Falcons’ lead to four at 51 the opening minutes of the second half before keeping the game close. With just over 11 minutes to go the contest, the Panthers tied the score at 60 before taking a 63 lead on a Franklin Mickens three-pointer. The two-point lead was the Panthers’ first since leading 1 to begin the game.

The Panthers pushed out to a four-point Tim Lincecum Jersey lead at 65, their largest of the game, and held the lead until a Jennings fast-break layup put the Falcons ahead 72. Purchase tied the score again at 74 apiece before a Lemar Larsen bucket put the Falcons up for good. Watson hit two key free-throws the final minutes of the contest to give the Falcons a 79 lead and then followed that up with a three-pointer to give the Falcons a seven-point advantage.

their first-ever meeting, the Falcons tally the first notch the win column with the eight-point victory. Albertus will host Johnson & Wales on Wednesday at 7 p.m. a Great Northeast Athletic Conference match-up New Haven. provides commenting to allow for constructive discussion on the stories we cover. order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. Please be respectful of the opinions of others. If you inappropriate comment, please flag it for our moderators to review.