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Just what the NFL needs: another rich, white owner who boasts about his testicles

Just what the NFL needs: another rich, white owner who boasts about his testicles More David Tepper may have taken on Donald Trump publicly, but he doesn’t appear too different from the fraternity that already controls the league Thu 17 May 2018 04.00 EDT Last modified on Thu 17 May 2018 04.01 EDT Last winter, Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson embarrassed the NFL.

And for the city of Philadelphia, that alone will always be enough. Here’s to hoping that Eagles-Patriots emerges as one of the sport’s best rivalries in the years to come. Unfortunately, the two sides aren’t scheduled to meet during the 2018 regular season, though they will go head-to-head in the preseason and will potentially have a joint practice. So, for the rivalry to continue, both teams will need to journey back to the Super Bowl, which actually doesn’t seem to be that improbable.

“I went for 28 days. When I got out, I was able to control myself for a while. I wouldn’t take anything for a day or two, and I wouldn’t drink. But I was a binge drinker. When I drank, I drank to excess.”

The addiction got so bad, Favre consumed more than a dozen Vicodin at one time during the 1995 season with the Packers.

“That was an MVP year for me,” Favre said. “But that year, when I woke up in the morning, my first thought was, ‘I gotta get more pills.’

“I took 14 Vicodin, yes, one time. I was getting an hour or two of sleep many nights. Maybe 30 minutes of quality sleep. I was the MVP on a pain-pill buzz. The crazy thing was, I’m not a night owl. Without pills I’d fall asleep at 9:30. But with pills, I could get so much done, I just figured, ‘This is awesome.’ Little did I know [fiancée and now wife] Deanna would be finding some of my pills and when she did, she’d flush them down the toilet.”ravens_142