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Ravens WR Breshad Perriman drops 4 pounds by cutting off dreadlocks

Perriman, who returned to practice Tuesday and expects to play in the regular-season opener, likes his new haircut. In fact, he has just one complaint.

“It just gets cold sometimes,” he said with a smile.

Ever since the Cowboys drafted Elliott in April with the fourth overall pick, the expectations have been as high as those for Michael Phelps at the Olympics. Whatever the equivalent is to five gold medals on the football field, that’s what Elliott has to do as a rookie running back.

It’s not fair, but that’s part of the price of being picked so high and placed in an offense with quarterback Tony Romo, Bryant, tight end Jason Witten and the best line in football.

Elliott’s introduction has been largely low-key. On Aug. 2, he was unable to finish practice because of a sore hamstring. He missed the next eight practices in Oxnard, California, and did not play in the Cowboys’ first two preseason games.

Davis’ injury adds to a secondary that is dealing with a number of setbacks. Patrick Robinson, who is expected to start with Davis, has a groin injury. Nickel cornerback Darius Butler is working his way back from a hamstring injury.

Pagano described his current cornerback situation as being “scary.”

The biggest source of frustration during the first events at the stadium was with the entry and exit from the stadium, as most fans filed through the pivoting glass doors on the stadium’s west side, creating bottlenecks going to and from the light rail platform. The Vikings estimate 75 percent of fans will enter the stadium through the glass doors during its first season, and there’s little doubt the must-take-selfie-at-new-stadium impulse had a hand in clogging the lines as fans got their first taste of the new venue.

During his weekly interview on sports radio WEEI, Belichick didn’t specify when Brady would return, saying it would be when his personal situation “clears up.”

Comcast SportsNet first reported that Brady had an excused absence.

Brady also had an excused absence from the team’s first preseason game on Aug. 11 against the New Orleans Saints as the team said he was attending memorial services for a family member.