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Bobby Knight on Indiana administration that fired him: ‘I hope they’re all dead’

Bobby Knight became an infamous figure in the world of college basketball for his chair-throwing temper tantrums and reports of emotional abuse of his players. His tumultuous relationship with the Indiana administration boiled over in 2000 when video of Knight choking Neil Reed during practice three years earlier surfaced. That, coupled with an accusation by a student that the coach grabbed his arm, prompted the university to fire him and Knight has not stepped foot in Bloomington since.

On Friday morning, Knight was interviewed on The Dan Patrick Show in advance of the premier of a Showtime documentary about the Hoosiers’ legendary 1976 season that saw the team go undefeated on its way to a national championship.

Knight’s long-held bitterness toward Indiana higher-ups is well-known, with some fans and writers calling for the university to cool on its overtures to and veneration of the former coach.

“After sitting down with my mom and my coaching staff, I made a decision to enter the NBA draft,” Fultz said. “Although the season hasn’t gone as planned, it’s truly been a blessing to be here. I learned plenty of life lessons on and off the court, especially from coach [Lorenzo] Romar and the coaching staff. I’m always going to be a Husky for life. Go Dawgs.”

Fultz, currently projected to be the No. 1 pick according to Draft Express, averaged 23.3 points, 6.0 assists, and 5.9 rebounds per game. But despite Fultz’s exploits, the Huskies finished with a 9-22 record and were 2-16 in Pac-12 play. Their season ended with a 78-73 loss to USC in the first round of the Pac-12 tournament on Wednesday.

If Fultz is selected No. 1 overall, it will be the second year in a row that the top selection in the draft did not play in the NCAA tournament. Ben Simmons’ LSU team finished 19-14 and declined an invitation to participate in any postseason tournaments once it became clear they would not qualify for the NCAA tournament.12

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Every episode seems to top the last, as Friday’s chaos proved yet again.

And while one of the NBA’s crown-jewel franchises was thrashed by its archrival at Staples Center, Lakers governor and president Jeanie Buss watched from her usual seat near the baseline. At one point in the third quarter, when the Boston Celtics led by 31, actress Dyan Cannon came over from her baseline seat.

The Hollywood icon placed both hands on Buss’s arms in a comforting embrace, and as she spoke, Buss nodded. Amid a painful 115-95 blowout loss, it wasn’t an uncommon scene, as Buss received many hugs and, no doubt, words of encouragement from friends as her family’s infighting continues to drag the Lakers down.

Jeanie Buss was on hand Friday to see the Lakers fall to 19-43 with a 20-point loss to Boston. AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill
But it’s hard to imagine the Lakers’ drama playing out in Cannon’s world just up the 101 freeway.

At this point, even Hollywood might think such a script strays too far from reality.

But Friday marks a fitting time to discuss Durant, specifically, with the Celtics in town. The Celtics were never considered a free-agent destination, yet as they’ve steadily risen in recent years, that notion has changed a bit. And Boston became one of a handful of teams with which Durant sat down last summer, and the Celtics ultimately reeled in All-Star forward Al Horford, the top available free agent after Durant.

The Celtics last reached the NBA Finals in 2010, when they faced the Lakers. Yet since that point, both organizations have headed in opposite directions, rapidly so. One is focused on basketball, the other on everything but.

The Lakers are reality TV, every episode more surreal than the last.

Saints vs. Cowboys 2014 final score: 3 things we learned from Dallas’ 38-17 win

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The last time the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints met up, the Saints set a record for most first downs in a game. Not so this go-around — Dallas manhandled New Orleans until deep in the fourth quarter, winning at home, 38-17.

Tony Romo had his best first half of the season, while Drew Brees was under constant pressure and Rob Ryan’s beleaguered defense couldn’t stop DeMarco Murray or Terrance Williams. That changed in the fourth quarter when the Saints forced Romo into poor throws, but New Orleans wasn’t able to capitalize and never pulled closer than 14 points.

The Chiefs picked up their first win of the season in Week 3, routing the Miami Dolphins on the road, 34-15. The win was even more impressive considering that it came with All-Pro running back Jamaal Charles and six other starters on the sideline with various injuries. Backup RB Knile Davis had a big game with a career-high 132 yards on 32 carries, while Joe McKnight had two touchdown catches.

After losing linebacker Bruce Carter to an injury on a big running play by running back Khiry Robinson, the Dallas defense had a much harder time defending Brees’ passing, enabling him to move laterally and make big passes in space. Brees went to tight ends Graham and Josh Hill in the fourth quarter, both for touchdowns to make the score 31-17. Receiver Dez Bryant scored late in the fourth quarter to finally put the game out of reach.

Manuel’s stat line was ugly — 21-for-44, 225 yards (80 on one play), two touchdowns and two interceptions. Buffalo had to rely on Manuel’s arm at the end of the game, and he proceed to throw an interception to during the Bills’ last-gasp drive. The Bills got off to a hot start this season because they were able to avoid need-to-throw situations. Unfortunately for them, they won’t get to play the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins every week.
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Kirk Cousins saved his best dad joke for when he got franchise tagged

There appears to be potential up front. The top three returning ends (Blain Padgett, Graysen Schantz, Brian Womac) combined for 19.5 tackles for loss and six sacks last year, and the top four returning tackles (Preston Gordon, Roe Wilkins, Carl Thompson, Zach Abercrumbia) combined for 12.5 and six, respectively. There isn’t enough size here — none of those ends are over 250 pounds, and only two of those tackles are over 280 — but the activity level could compensate.

Mario Lemieux Mens Jersey The biggest loss is probably McGaskey. He combined 11 tackles for loss with six passes defensed (a rare combination), and he was the only real play-maker in the back. Nickel back Destri White did have four tackles for loss, and three returnees had at least four passes defensed (four if you include sophomore Justin Bickham, who missed 2016), but there will need to be improvement there.
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Well, there will need to be improvement everywhere. Rice had the worst passing downs defense in the country even with a decent pass rush, and the Owls’ “strongest” primary rating was a No. 92 spot in Standard Downs S&P+. Even if the offense comes together, you don’t have a high ceiling with such a woeful defense. But we’ll see what better injuries luck can do.

Special teams made things neither better nor worse for Rice. The Owls were 87th in Special Teams S&P+ ranking between 54th and 96th in all five individual categories. The entire unit returns, so the extent that experience matters, it could boost the lineup a hair. But there probably won’t be significant shifts up or down here.

Kirk Cousins got slapped with the exclusive franchise tag on Tuesday, which ensures he remains with Washington ¡ª for now. Players react to the tag a great many ways. Some are angry and voice their displeasure, others act like it¡¯s no big deal. Cousins took a different route.

National Football League